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Exterior Coatings

Exterior Paints & Coatings – From Shane Coatings Signature Line of Products

About Our Exterior Paint & Coating Products

Experience the difference with professional grade residential, commercial, and industrial exterior coating products from Shane Coatings™ manufacturing.

Applying our exterior line of high performance coating products is the most dramatic way to give your residence or commercial / Industrial property new life and long-lasting protection.

We offer a complete line of the most technologically advanced exterior paint and coating products available on the market today.

Shane Coatings™ exterior coating products are manufactured using “unmodified” superior performance ingredients. For example, we use 100% solid epoxy solid vs "modified epoxy". This gives a better durable and a more beautiful finish.

From refinishing products, surface restoration products, waterproof coatings, to new finishing products, we develop only top-of-the-line professional grade exterior paint and coating products that will stand the test of time, guaranteed.

Getting the exterior look you want, and the protection you need, starts at Shane Coatings™. We have signature products designed for specific uses, finishes, and durability.

If you don’t see the product you need we are the only high-end coatings manufacturer who can deliver custom made solution products for your specific problem. See here for more on our custom product manufacturing services.

Shane Coatings™ - The Right Choice for Your Residential, Commercial, or Industrial Exteriors!

If you have any questions about our exterior line coating products, or would like to know more about our custom solutions please contact one of our coatings representatives today at: 1-888-89-SHANE

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