“Professional residential coatings are the most spectacular way to give your residence a new life.”

House Painters at Shane Coatings® | Residential is your one stop coatings & painting service center. Specializing in full spectrum architectural painting & coatings services. Our core focus places an emphasis on aesthetics and durability. Each type of service we offer is thoroughly tested to be to be in accordance with our best practice and best product policy. Shane Coatings Residential house painters services have been uniquely broken down into four easy to navigate categories that encompass literally every residential surface imaginable. Contact us today and start enjoying all of the benefits and improvements that our Residential coating applications will bring to your residence.

Trends start at Shane Coatings, whether we’re using a single color as a back drop or using multiple colors and textures to create a striking effect. You can rest assured of Quality Performance. If you are not sure which coatings, style, color or textures to select, your Shane Coatings professional offers design consultations, or you may want to get advice from one of our independent ASID certified designers.

Keep in mind for the best results, Shane Coatings house painters professionals have experience in the full spectrum of coatings. The knowledge of property characteristics each type of coating exhibits. Plus experience to engineer and perform multiple coating operations at once. Not to mention that a professional engineered job will run smooth and last as long as or longer than the finishes you currently have.

When coating the complete residence, or starting with just one area, getting the look you desire starts at Shane Coatings. With a goal set jointly for the timeline of a project, our clients save by having us assist them with their design plan. Full spectrum coating experience is the professional way. Utilizing the full spectrum is high end with products designed for specific uses, finishes and durability. An advantage to full spectrum knowledge is lower maintenance and a proper craftsman finish. Full Spectrum: Professional, proper, high end finishes the right choice for your residence.

A small to medium project will take from one to three days. Larger jobs will take from three to five days. If you have other areas in need of coatings —such as your cabinets, garage floor, or the interior or exterior of your residence —these areas can be coated at the same time as your other coatings projects, giving the whole residence a new look.

If you have further questions on the various types of residential coatings, please contact our coatings representatives and they will be happy to explain why Shane Coatings uses quality products and best customer service in the industry. Call Shane Coatings today to schedule your coatings installation and start enjoying all of the benefits and improvements that our coating applications will bring to your residence.

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