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We offer an opportunity for qualified investors to partner with a visionary company.

Our operational business model is lean and focused completely on coating concepts. Below we will summarize the basic framework of our proven business models and how we strategically plan for and implement revenue and profit growth.

Our Future Growth Strategy for ROI

Delivering a “high growth focused” synergistic group of businesses is the core of our strategy. This collective group of complementary businesses will accelerate our company’s earnings expansion potential beyond what could be achieved with the coatings manufacturing industry alone. This translates into more profits and higher ROI potential for investors.

At Shane Coatings™ the focus is on synergistic ways of operating. With business models that complement and feed off each other we have built a profitable operational excellence through this integration.

Our synergy creates a market-driven, technology centric company, with a culture based on knowledge and experience.

We have proven business models in hand and using them to accelerate current and future growth. Given the world economy we are paving the way for our businesses to be strategically placed in our markets.

We’ve created a lean corporate center and a shared business services group. Our 4 business models are briefly explained below.

The 4 business models are:

  • Commercial Coatings Application Services
  • Industrial Coatings & Linings Application Services
  • Residential Coating Application Services
  • Manufacturing & Distribution of Performance Coating Products

The Commercial Coatings Business Model

This model is comprised of vast application services for business to business. It allows our applicator workforce from across the nation (and the world) to be positioned and to provide for these in demand services.

This produces significant revenue growth, while maintaining strength and integration throughout. In addition, it gives us the ability to have multiple joint partnership ventures, to operate at peak times while offering much less capital intensity and fluctuation of cycles. All of this allows us to maintain a healthy and growing core business.

The Industrial Coatings and Linings Business Model

This business model offers a full spectrum of protective coating and lining application services, in a lucrative industrial coatings market.

Unlike our competitors we offer custom innovative chemistry solutions to fit a particular client’s needs. We have a unique advantage in our ability to create specialty coating and lining products.

These specially made products are differentiated by advanced technology and custom formulated to stand up against a specific stress, element, or group of elements (such as business practices, chemicals, minerals etc.).

With these abilities to formulate superior protective coating products for our industrial clients we have an industry-leading position among coating applicators.

The Residential Coatings Business Model

The residential full spectrum coatings market is capable of producing high margins on its own, as do each of our 4 main areas of our business.

Offering turnkey solutions for coating (which cover every residential substrate imaginable) we are well positioned within this evergreen in demand market.

Manufacturing & Distributing Performance Coatings (Plus Related Products) Model

This business model is comprised of technology-differentiated products and processes that place an emphasis on innovation. In addition, we sell related preparation products which further complement and add to our existing revenue streams.

Shane Coatings™ Research & Development team is the engine facilitating added-value for our clients and consumers. Our added value comes in the form of betterment solutions in this fast growing market.

We maintain industry-leading positions while producing superior performing products such as:

  • Specialty lacquer Coatings
  • Hybrid Polyurethane Coatings
  • Sealer/Bonder Coatings
  • Advanced Restoration Compounds

These are just a few of the product examples among other Specialty Coatings.

For our “product driven” sector businesses we are leading the industry with abilities to formulate products for clients with custom needs.

One thing all of our 4 core business models have in common is the specialty products produced by Shane Coatings™ Manufacturing. This keeps the synergy rolling and gives us the advantages others don’t have.

All these businesses are supported by a shared “business services group” and a lean corporate central hub. This structure is built for efficient scaling and has continued to serve the needs of our group of businesses well. As we continue to grow in our existing markets, and into new future markets, our lean structure of companies will position us to do so in a cost efficient and effective way.

If you can see our vision are interested in knowing more about our investment opportunities please contact us here.

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