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News Center & Blog

New Center & Blog – Latest News & Information on Shane Coatings

Welcome to Shane Coatings™ news information center & blog.

Here you will find the latest news, announcements, and info about new product launches, product info, tips, tricks and more!

At Shane Coatings™ we are constantly changing and evolving to meet the demands of today’s fast-changing painting & coatings landscape.

That means our innovation and product development never ends. We are committed to developing and providing the most technologically advanced products on the market.

This is one reason we have set up this blog. Here we will document our new product launches and provide information on the superior benefits of our creations. Check back often for news about our product launches.

In addition, will be posting news and events regarding our ongoing sustainable development projects and bringing to light “Our Business of Doing Good”. We invite you to explore our commitments to sustainability and track our progress!

New Website Launch

Major Announcement: Shane Coatings™ Launches New State-of-The-Art eCommerce Website! Welcome to Shane Coatings™ new website! We are proud and excited to announce the launch of our modern cutting-edge eCommerce store...

Our Sustainable Development

Our Sustainable Development Campaign is bringing to light, our business of doing good.
With an ongoing commitment to Innovation serving as its cornerstone.