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Signature Products

Shane Coatings Signature Paint & Coatings Products

Shane Coatings™ is committed to quality and innovation. Through this commitment, we are proud to bring you our superior performing product developments.

From Ultra-Low VOC Eco-Friendly products to energy-saving solutions, and more we are always at the forefront of developing the most technologically advanced coating solutions.

Shane Coatings™ chemistry has played an essential role in addressing the needs of our Industry and its specialty divisions.

Added Value Products

Today our innovative products enable clients to stand out in strategic marketplaces through enhanced product and solution performance.

We are always looking to improve on products and application techniques and to deliver our clients superior cutting edge results.

Our Research & Development team has produced incredible products that extend our limited lifetime warranty.

These revolutionary products offer ascetics and longevity for your coatings project!

If you have any questions about our interior or exterior line of signature coating products, or if you would like to know more about our custom solutions please contact one of our coatings representatives today at: 1-888-89-SHANE

More about Our Custom Product Solutions

Individualism is what sets us all apart. Shane Coatings™ offers custom solutions with products developed to your specific needs.

Whether you need a special product formulated to stand up against a certain chemical, an element or a material (or all of the above) Shane Coatings™ manufacturing bridges the gap with our:

  • Product Development Services
  • and Product Consulting Services

For custom product solutions contact a Shane Coatings™ sales representative today! 1-888-89-SHANE

Our Sustainable Development

Our Sustainable Development Campaign is bringing to light, our business of doing good.
With an ongoing commitment to Innovation serving as its cornerstone.