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Sustainable Development

The Generation of Sustainable Development

With an ongoing commitment to Innovation serving as its cornerstone our Sustainable Development
is bringing to light….“Our Business of Doing Good”.

Protecting the environment is ensuring a healthy place for humanity. As a starting point the Shane Coatings™ Company is focusing full circle on less carbon producing methods and the recycling of commercial waste.

Going even further the ongoing Research & Development at Shane Coatings™ is harnessing the power of science and chemistry to make our industry safer, cleaner, and greener for generations to come. We focus on developing sustainable improvements for:

  • Better Methods
  • Better Solutions
  • And Better Products

The Good in Sustainability is Contagious

Since the Campaigns inception it has become the very thread of our fabric and filtered throughout
our company culture. Here at Shane Coatings™ it is universally achieved in all elements of our
business practices and inspires us all to continue to do better every day.

Our Ongoing Commitment to Sustainability

Shane Coatings™ is committed to elevating our understanding of the impact on our global ecosystems and working towards the most efficient and effective use of our planet’s resources. That’s why we offer a full line of Green Eco-Friendly and Eco-Aware products.

In addition, we invite you to explore our commitments to sustainability and track our progress

By balancing sustainability with the highest standards of product performance we are helping to make significant changes in the coating industry. We do this by solving challenges such as durability, affordability, and improving health & safety.

Some of the Values Our Company is Passionate About:

  • Sustainable Development
  • Environmental awareness
  • Health & Safety Performance
  • Innovation
  • Transparency
  • Being Ethical

Shane Coatings™ ongoing mission is to improve on things essential to the coating industry, the environment, and to your health.

The good in sustainability is contagious. It’s the spirit of our company. It is taken up with pride and a sense of accomplishment;

By consistently investing in world-class resources and people, our “innovation engine” sets the stage for continuing to deliver long-term value to our clients while maintaining high standards of social, ethical, and environmental performance.

Our Sustainable Development

Our Sustainable Development Campaign is bringing to light, our business of doing good.
With an ongoing commitment to Innovation serving as its cornerstone.